A Disappointing start to the season

  The club` s first game was  away in Towns Mead to play Chingford Athletic AFC. In the first 10 minutes, London Park City controlled the game, dominating Chngford who did not find it easy to deal with the passing combinations. Unexpectedly and because of London Park City`s lapse in concentration by the defence; Chingford`s Center forward managed to make a run and receive a diagonal pass inside the box to take the lead  in the 24th minutes.

While the team was trying to get back into the game, the referee gave a red card to Fadil, our defender,  for a 2nd “deliberate” hand ball 10 minutes before Half-time whistle.

In the second half Chingford took advantage of a loose ball to double their lead by scoring a howitzer from outside the box. A physical altercation play from a Chingford player sent him out with a red card. London Park City ceased the chance to put pressure on the opposition.  Rob, making an impressive debut eased past Chingford defence to shoot an exquisite top corner goal, the referee disallowed stating that Rob fouled a Chingford player before scoring. Insisting -politely- that he did not foul anyone, the referee decided to send him to Sin-Bin (10 minutes- off the pitch. After coming back on the pitch, Rob scored another goal that was allowed this time. Committing forward, left spaces behind that were well exploited by Chngford; a counter attack from a corner left them 1 to 1 with London Park City`s  keeper Buza who made an outstanding save, however Chngford players were quicker to the rebound to make it 3-1.

London Park City could have better result if Florin, Alex & Dan capitalised on the clear chances they got in front of the goal.